SmartGrinder Design Sketches

Our Mission

Embryo Labs lives to set the industry standard for the future of the cannabis spirit; using it as a catalyst for building meaningful relationships by bringing people together, to encourage people to actively seek their next adventure and for fulfilling the curiosity of uncovering the unknown.

Our mission at Embryo Labs is to establish an open-minded, fair environment where engineers & designers will collectively push for the research & innovation surrounding cannabis, for the greater pursuit of our responsibility to the community to discover new methods of safer & cleaner consumption and continuously exploring to expand humanity's understanding & education of the substance.

SmartGrinder Final CAD Design

About Us

Embryo Labs products are produced by a collection of gifted computer programmers, industrial designers and mechanical engineers passionate about the innovation and automation of cannabis products.

Our products are manufactured by Shape Products. Shape Products has over 20+ years of experience and proven manufacturing excellence track record with 1,500+ on market products and $1.3 billion in product sales volume.

We have created a crowdfunding campaign to help make this venture a reality, and build a community of early adopters who can provide Embryo Labs with valuable feedback. We highly value the Indiegogo community and its proven startup platform in supporting, refining and funding new innovations and visions of young companies.